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Photography has always been in my family's blood. The oldest influences come from my Grandfather with his love of capturing a moment in time, to my mother's love of producing images within a darkroom. The photography bug bit me at a young age with my very first camera! It was a blue and yellow, plastic Fisher Price one!

My older sister, who was also into photography, threw her old Nikon SLR into my hands while we visited The Grand Canyon in 1994. I felt lost working the dials but started snapping anyway, and when the pictures came back I was very amazed at the outcome!

From there I picked up my first Pentax camera and started dressing up girlfriends in Victorian outfits and doing what I labeled as "Photo-Art."

My influences come from fantasy. From Dungeons and Dragons novels to Sci-Fi TV shows, dreams like those strange moments when you feel like flying is possible, where ghosts, zombies, devils, demons, angels, faeries, and vampires are real.

This is my photography world. Stay a while, and remember to let the photo-art inspire you!

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